I’mmm Backkkkkk!!!!

7 Jul


Day 1 – Asylum Hybrid – Fit Test and Relief

Looks like I’m back and committed to the Asylum and will be doing workouts from both Volumes 1and 2, at least for the first 30 days. I’m currently at 170 pounds and want to drop down to 160 in 30 days. I know it’s going to be tough and I’m going to sacrifice a lot. I may have to add an extra run here and there to reach a caloric deficit but it’s not impossible. I already know how to eat clean and I’m disciplined to commit to a workout program until completion.

This time around I will be doing pull ups instead of bent over rows or lat push ups. I’ve bought and built a pull up station and parked it in the garage aka Pure Savagery. I’ve cleaned up the garage but it’s still has a low light, concrete, no frills eastern communistic vibe.

Here’s my numbers for the fit test. Looking to double my pull ups an the end of 30 days.

Agility Heisman: 13
In&Out Abs Progression: 25
Pull Ups: [b]10[/b]
Mountain Climber Switch Kicks: 90
Agility Shoulder Taps: 4.5
X Jumps: 30
Moving Push Ups: 3.5
Agility Lateral Shuffle: 13.5
Agility Bear Crawls: 8

Let’s crush em!


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