Run, Jump, Lift Off

11 Jul


Day 5 – Asylum Hybrid – Off-Day Stretch

I opted to go on a 3.30 mile trail run and rode my bike to the forest preserve. I felt a little heavy which I think it’s attributed to the week 1 hybrid workouts but still managed to finish my run under the usual time. May have to increase my carb intake with veggies to keep my energy levels up.

Also, I bought a new DVD, Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. It’s the definitive guide to pull-up bar calisthenics. I need to set some time on the side to just practice pull-ups. This more than finishing the first half of the hybrid is important to me. Pulling your own weight is the ultimate feat of strength. I could only do 4 pull-ups in a row but I did 10 pull-ups with rest in a minute on the Vol. 1 Fit Test.

Sometimes I workout in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but no matter what, I find the time to do the workout or else I feel really bad. My pet peeve is starting and not finishing something, even a bad movie. So I started the Hybrid and it’s go time. 160 pounds, here I come.


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