Small Victory

14 Jul


Day 8 – Asylum Hybrid – Upper Elite

Not sure how I managed to have completed Upper Elite in the past. I was reaching my complete limit with all the push ups today.

Had a big victory today. Was planning on doing Upper Elite in the evening and was going to have some greasy mexican food for lunch today thinking that I’ll burn it off with Upper Elite and go on a run afterwards. While I was walking my dogs, I thought that if I had that greasy food for lunch, that it will set me back a couple days weight wise. Plus with 2 legs workouts this week, maybe running wasn’t such a good idea and better to double up with another physical activity.

I diverged from indulging on my cravings and having my go to chicken salad. Yet I would like to reward myself for staying focused from temptation. Maybe just a little bit of ice cream.

With 3 weeks left I don’t have a large margin for error if I want to reach my weight loss goal.


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