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22 Mar


After spending almost a year thinking if I should enter a sanctioned racquetball tournament, I finally decided it was time to test myself against the competition. The Illinois State Singles Racquetball Tournament was held on February 25 through the 28th, 2016 at Glass Court Swim & Fitness in Lombard, IL.

The time was perfect because I came back from not playing several years to playing a full year three times a week. I took lessons with the best coaches, seeked out to play the best players I could find, traveled to different clubs to play against as many styles that would prepare me for tournament play. Outside of racquetball, I cross trained doing olympic lifting and metabolic conditioning.

I felt that nobody was training harder – getting up a 5:15am to make my 6am morning weight lifting workout then playing racquetball for 2-3 hours after work in the evening. It was a hard routine but my confidence soared. Before the tournament started I clearly see myself making it to the finals and taking the victory.

The tournament was a great experience. They are so physically and mentally draining. I entered the D division since this was my first tournament. I was not use to playing my match a 11pm! Finishing at midnight and not getting home until almost 1am. When you get home you just can’t fall asleep. You are still pump with adrenaline and your mind is restless with how the rest of the tournament will play out. So I walked my dogs to get a little more tired.

The good news is that I am the new 2016 Illinois State D Division Champion. The bad news is that I ended up getting tennis elbow which affected me in the next tournament 2 weeks later. I’m training and preparing myself for regional in a month and looking forward to having a better tournament.