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Belay On?…

10 Sep


Over the week I rewarded myself with an indoor climbing session when I reached my lowest weight in over four years! I hit 165.6lb this week. My goal is 160lb by next month. My weight loss motivation is to come in leaner and meaner for the upcoming cyclocross season which kicked off today in Milwaukee.

I’ve never climbed before and over the last several years I developed a fear of heights. I wanted to test my new strength from doing crossfit over the year. In all honesty, it took my nearly 2 years to develop the courage to get on the wall. When Vertical Endeavors opened a new location, I volunteered at the grand opening. I’ve asked a couple friends to join me but never got any solid commitment.

So this week was now or never. I’ve seen people use the auto belays and thought that was what I was going to do. I picked up the phone to set up an orientation/beginner class on the auto belay. I arrive at the gym and join a small group of climbers. Apparently we were learning how to belay and tie knots. I didn’t think anything of it and thought that this class was part of getting to auto belay. 2 hours later, the class is done and I realized when I asked the instructor when were we going to auto belay that I signed up for the wrong class.

I didn’t expect to be responsible with a stranger’s life hanging from a wall 40 feet up in the air on my first day learning to climb!

It was all good. Once again I surprised myself by learning a new skill, meeting new people and attacking my fear of heights (I got up past half way up the wall on a 5.8 route). Can wait to go back and planning my next visit.