Catch Me If You Can

18 Jul


Day 12 – Asylum Hybrid – Off-Day Stretch

Opted to run a 5 mile trail run today instead. It felt good to revisit an old favorite trail route 10+ pounds lighter. It almost felt like I wasn’t running but just watching. My body was ok with an uptempo pace at times. All credit goes to Asylum and blasting Megadeth’s Rust In Peace in the headphones for running 5 miles under 44 minutes.

Suffer in the gym, reap the rewards on the field.


Old Things New

17 Jul


Day 11 – Asylum Hybrid – Vertical Plyo

Not as difficult as I had remembered it. It was nice that it was under 40 minutes too. The hardest part was the jack push ups with bands. All along I was doing them wrong. I was only doing the regular push up and not also the tricep push up. No matter how many times you’ve done the workout, you can always pick something new out.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s stretch but I may go on a trail run instead. I want to go farther than my usual 5K. Going to shoot for 5 miles and curious to see how long it will take me.

Double Trouble

16 Jul

two-birdsDay 10 – Asylum Hybrid – Back & 6-Pack

This has become my favorite Asylum disc along with Speed & Agility. Especially when done with a pull-up bar, it works my two weakest areas, core and back. You’re even working your core when you’re up on the bar with the leg lifts knocking 2 birds with one stone. There’s many pull-up and Ab workout DVDs on the market that cost almost as much as Asylum with less material. For $20 more you get a total of 8 discs.
I’ll be using some of these pull-up exercises away from the Asylum that show you what more you can do with a pull-up bar than just pull-ups.

Monotonous Motions

15 Jul



Day 9 – Asylum Hybrid – Power Legs

Glad to give the upper body a rest today. Today’s workout seemed like it flew by. Today’s been one of those blah days. Haven’t been able to get a good night’s rest last few days. I figured with Asylum, I should be sleeping like a baby.

Like all things, today shall pass. 

Small Victory

14 Jul


Day 8 – Asylum Hybrid – Upper Elite

Not sure how I managed to have completed Upper Elite in the past. I was reaching my complete limit with all the push ups today.

Had a big victory today. Was planning on doing Upper Elite in the evening and was going to have some greasy mexican food for lunch today thinking that I’ll burn it off with Upper Elite and go on a run afterwards. While I was walking my dogs, I thought that if I had that greasy food for lunch, that it will set me back a couple days weight wise. Plus with 2 legs workouts this week, maybe running wasn’t such a good idea and better to double up with another physical activity.

I diverged from indulging on my cravings and having my go to chicken salad. Yet I would like to reward myself for staying focused from temptation. Maybe just a little bit of ice cream.

With 3 weeks left I don’t have a large margin for error if I want to reach my weight loss goal.

Active Recovery

13 Jul


Day 7 – Asylum Hybrid – Rest Day

Woke up early and rode my bike to the ashram for yoga. Spent some time with the pull up bar and wanted to do 10 pull ups in as many sets as it takes (took me three, 3,3,4). Several dog walks plus yard work, not a bad rest day. Getting ready for my nemesis tomorrow, Upper Elite.

Forward Progress

12 Jul



Day 6 – Asylum Hybrid – Championship Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)

With tomorrow’s rest day, I’ve wrapped up the first week of the hybrid. Started the day slow and did my own yoga sequences. Mostly releasing tension in my upper back and shoulders. I fluffed up the agility ladder order of the fit test. I didn’t keep count, I just wanted to keep moving for long as I could.

I know this month is going to go by fast, next week I’m planning on some days doubling my workouts. Mostly likely going on a run in the evening after Asylum. My diet has been great. I have no junk in the house, so that helps a lot. Next week, I need to try new recipes because I can only have so many steak/chicken salads.