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Grease the Groove

19 Jul


Day 13 – Asylum Hybrid – Speed & Agility and Ab Shredder

I started with Ab Shredder first to warm up my body. Amazed at how much I sweat with only working my core. I’m sure yesterday’s 5 mile run had something with me feeling drained today. Noticed lactic acid build up in my legs and did some quad stretches to alleviate the discomfort. I usually look forward to Speed & Agility but today I just couldn’t take off like I wanted to. I got gassed a couple of times during the bear crawls.

I had a short 4 mile bike ride that I wanted to stretch to 20 miles but I had too much to do in too little time. I started getting restless and knew I had to get off the bike.

My silver lining today was that I was able to knock out 5 pull-ups in a row. Getting stronger by the day. Everyday I try to do some form of exercise that will help me get stronger on the bar. From Australian Pull-Ups, reverse pull-ups, presses and push-ups, got to grease the groove.


Juicing In The Asylum

15 May


Last night I watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead for inspiration and was truly moved by the transformations from people that wanted to break free from processed foods and medications.  When you hit rock bottom, the only way is to go up. Which is the easy part because you have direction but the process is the hardest part. Many want result now without taking inconsideration the years that people abused their bodies.

Phil Staples was a cheeseburger away from a fatal heart attack and started small with a 10 day juice cleanse and saw immediate improvement. A 10 day juice cleanse became a 30 day then a 60 day juice cleanse that not only changed his life but inspired others around him. Bravo.

It’s day 4 of my 7-day juice cleanse and I can say my body has adapted to my juice diet. I do feel energized and no longer feel like I’m going to die from starvation. I didn’t think I would have enough energy to complete intense workout from Insanity The Asylum but I’ve proved myself wrong. I’ve lost 5.4 pounds in 4 days. Normally that would take me 3 weeks to lose. Crazy.

Asylum 2 – Day 24 – Power Legs + Ab Shredder
Yep that 5 minutes of pulsing at the end always gets me too. Ab Shredder is real work especially that forearm plank walk and knee tuck. Another back to back workout scratched off the list.

Asylum 2 – Day 19 – Off-Day Stretch and Ab Shreddah!!!

10 May


Started out the day bike riding 4.25 miles round trip to the local forest preserve to get some trail running in my Vibram FiveFinger Shoes. Ran 3.25 miles in a good hilly course. All the steady inclines and declines helped me achieve a HIIT workout. Slow uphill, fast downhill. Good day to be out in nature on a beautiful sunny day.

I got home and into Ab Shredder for my second time this week. I did a little bit better this time around and didn’t seem as bad but definitely not easy. Then finished the session with Off-Day Stretch disc. I’m 5 pounds from my goal with a little over a week left. I know it’s pushing it but I may have to double up more workouts AND maintain a caloric deficit for the upcoming week.

Asylum 2 – Day 17 – Power Legs and Ab Shredder

8 May


Today has been the warmest all year so it really got my garage all toasted for my workout. When I was done, it looked like I took a shower in my clothes. It was my first time doing a double workout with Ab Shredder at the end. I did a back to back workout. Ab Shredder is definitely an awesome finisher. It’s only 15 minutes long but I needed multiple breaks. My core is my biggest weakness. This is an excellent workout to do on Relief/Off-Day Stretch/Rest Days.