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Break Out Season

19 Jul


I’ve always have been curious about working with a dietitian, and not just any dietitian, but one that also workouts out and knows the technicality of losing fat while retaining strength. I’ve ready many books on diet but I wanted a diet that tailored to my lifestyle.

I’m planning ahead and want to be race ready for cyclocross season in September. I expect this to be my break out year and my fitness is not going to hold me back this time. My goal is to finish a race in the top 30 and to Cat up to Cat 3 mid season. It’s important to start the season with good finishes in order to secure staging in the front.

Between now and October, I’m going to drop to 160 pounds from 175 pounds. That’s why I’m teaming up with Renaissance Periodization and working 1 on 1 with a coach who writes up a 3-month diet plan based on my goals. I’m working with Paul Salter, The Nutrition Tactician.

Today was Day 2 and I’m getting use to the diet plan. Hardest part is meal prep and trying to mix up the menu so that I don’t get bored.

If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail!


Halloween Cake!

31 Oct


I’ve been missing in action here but I have not given up on building the best version of me. Since my last post, I’ve started competing in local cyclocross races. Let’s just say, I’m addicted. I bought and built the bike above and sign up for any race my schedule will allow. My races are on Sundays but pick up races on Saturdays up in Wisconsin.

The picture above is from today’s race, the Halloween Cyclocross Classic in Milwaukee, WI that is part of the WCA Cyclocross series. I was looking at a youtube from last year’s race expecting a fast and flowing course but the rain brought a change of plans. It rained all day and soaked the course to cake. The whole course was a slip and slide with about 4 inches deep of mud. Any uphill climb was a struggle to push your bike up, meanwhile your wheels were collecting mud. Picking up and running the bike was the only option which now was 10 pounds heavier with the mud caked to the bike.

I finished 21st out of a field of 24 riders. The course was so slow, we usually get 4 laps in today but because of the weather, only two. The thought of giving up on the first lap through did cross my mind but I’m glad I endured.  I need these type of muddy races to build experience and character.

Tomorrow is  Campton Cross in Campton Hills just outside of St Charles, Illinois that is part of the Chicago Cross Cup Series. After suffering from today’s slop, I’m ready for anything. Bring it.