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5K Run in 90 Degree Heat in a Fasted State

18 Jul


I’ve been thinking about practicing the idea of intermittent fasting while exercising so I gave it a try this week. Once a week, the idea is to have your last meal after your workout in the evening, say 5pm. Then don’t eat again until 5pm the next day right after your workout. That way you give your body a rest from digestion. Also it forces your body to burn fat as energy as your low on carbs from a reduced diet. Most important is when you do eat, it has to be clean! Protein and good low carbs foods with plenty of water.

After dipping under 180 pounds this week I finally got to 179.8 pounds. I went on a 5K run in a fasted state and hopped on the scale again. Bam! down to 175.8 pounds. The lowest I’ve been in 2 years! Yesterday I did 30 minutes of kettlebell exercises so I’m going to continue doing kettlebell, running and fasting!


TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 2

22 May


Today I weighted myself and I’m down to 181.4lb. That’s the lowest I’ve weighted since April 20, which is a little over a month ago. It’s a small victory but that’s all the momentum I need to get me on my way to lose 10 pounds by my birthday next month.  Tomorrow is my day off and I’m planning on hitting the trails and going on a run.