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No Man’s Land

5 Mar


Over the last couple days, I’ve been contemplating on how far I have traveled through my fitness journey. From being at my heaviest 190+ pounds years ago to now at 157 pounds. I’ve read so much fitness and diet books, blogs. I’ve purchased many exercise programs and equipment. Joined gyms, hired coaches, took privates, seminars, workshops. Traveled to ride, race and run. It has been quite the ride.

I’ve reached several goals with my biggest last year of reaching 160 pounds. Even before I started working on my goal, I knew I was going to reach it. And when I successfully reached my goal, it was going to be awesome. I could already visualize it clear as day. When I woke up the day that I reached my goal of 160 pounds, it was just as any other day. Quite boring actually.

I expected the world to stop and parade around me. I wanted to be showered with rose pedals falling from the sky when I walked in public. Strangers stopping me in the food aisle at the grocery store to congratulate me, pat me on the back and tell me how great I look.

None of that happened. You reached your goals, maybe crushed them. So Fucking what. The worlds marches on. Time to set new goals. And repeat…

Sit back and enjoy the process, the journey. Who knows where it will take you. Only one way to find out.



Making Strides

24 Feb


For that last month, I’ve only been doing the Simple and Sinister kettlebell complex and have seen great improvement in my conditioning. I complete the workout 4 times a week and designate the first workout of the week (Monday) to test against time. I have the weekend to recover and a day after my cheat day, there’s no better day to pick to benchmark against previous weeks. Plus, it limits my indulgences during the weekend knowing that I have to be at my best on Monday to bring that time down.

The first time I tested myself it took me 22.5 minutes to complete 5 sets of 3x Reverse Turkish Get Up (16kg bell) and 10 Double Kettlebell Swings (2x16kg bells). The second, 20 minutes and 52 seconds and today, 18 minutes and 34 seconds. Last week I started thinking of how long it was going to take to bring that time to under 20 minutes. Today, I answered that question and surprised that I kicked more that 2.5 minutes from my previous time. I was focused and determined and tried to keep my rest times as short as I needed. You have to be careful when you work for time so that your form doesn’t get sloppy.

Looking forward to bringing that time down close to the 18 minute mark next week!

Last Workout Of The Year!

31 Dec


What a year. So many highs and so many lows. Really looking forward to what next year brings. This past year, I’ve learned a lot about diet and exercise. I’m just pleased that for the whole year I was able to maintain an exercise program. I’ve completed Insanity for the second time and also did the TRX Force Tactical Conditioning Program a second time as well. I’ve done Pat Flynn’s 21 Day Transformation Challenge and his kettlebell complexes. Workouts from The Skogg System, Art of Strength and Keith Webber.

The one thing I learned this past year was that, no matter how many workouts you do for however long, you’re not going to see your body change unless you change your diet. It’s as simple as that! A healthy lifestyle to me is 80% diet, 15% mental and 5% physical. If this year I learned about different workouts, next year I want to focus on proper diet and nutrition. Even if it means cutting out some of my favorite foods and beverages. This past Christmas, I’ve already abandoned soda pop and replaced it with green tea. I’ve been drinking one green smoothie a day and I’ve already notices changes to my skin.

Today was suppose to be my rest day but I wanted to finish the year strong. I did a TRX workout that I got for free called the TRX 300K Strong Workout. You can get it free too if you sign up on their Facebook page. Workout consist of 6 rounds of upper and lower body plus abdominal work that can be done in 30 minutes. If you’ve neglected your core, give this workout a shot.

Happy New Year To All The Savages! Let’s get really for a new year of challenges!


12 Aug


Today was in the high 70s and decided to take my workout outside. I jumped on the scale and weighted 175.8 lb this morning. After doing a 5K, bike riding 8 miles and walking the dogs I weighted myself again and saw the scale move down to 172.4 lb. The lowest I’ve been in 2 years! My goal is to reach 170 by the end of August. With a couple more weeks left, it is certainly attainable.

I understand that it’s probably water weight that I lost but I did exercise in a fasted state. So I know my body was burning more fat than carbs. I was overly motivated to run the fastest 5K either as long as I worked up a sweat and was burning calories. Move more, eat less.

Back To The Swing Of Things

7 Aug


Hey Savages, it’s been awhile. Started a new job that’s physically demanding with late hours that has my schedule all messed up. The best part is that I get to ride my bike on a 15.5 mile round trip to and from work so it’s not like I’m completely slacking off.

With my new job and change of diet, I’m down to 176.6 pounds. My goal is to get to 170 before the end of August.

Today I busted out the jump rope and 2 – 12kg kettlebells. I was able to do 5 rounds. See how many rounds you can do in 15 minutes. Rest as needed and make sure to warm up.

1 round = 100 jump ropes + 10 double kettlebell snatches

TRX Force: Week 3 – Day 3

9 May


New path, new journey.

I got my workout done in the morning since I start my new job this afternoon.  No matter what, you should always find time to workout. My new job has me on my feet and plus I’ll be biking to work. This added calorie burn, along with my TRX workout, I’m hoping to start dropping weight. My goal is to drop ten pounds by my birthday next month on June 12.

TRX Force: Week 2: Day 2

30 Apr


This morning I finished up Leo Frincu’s book, Choosing Freedom. The last few chapters he drops a lot of insight into freeing yourself from yourself. There are times where you get too comfortable with your life and stop seeking challenges. He gives many examples from his life where he walked away from good opportunities because they didn’t line up with his overall dreams and goals.

 But if one is to truly live free, seeking emotional freedom only comes with facing that inner person and coming to terms with it. Life is one long progression that is never carved in stone. No matter where we are in life, we have the power to change it, to make it better, to live free and with purpose and leave behind a legacy. Thanks Leo!

Tomorrow is a rest day. I hit the TRX in a 80 degree garage today and felt like a sauna. I left the floor a dripping mess. “A drop of sweat on the drill ground will save many drops of blood on the battlefield.” Gen. August Willich, US Army.