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TRX Force: Rest Day – 31 Mile Bike Ride

23 May


Today was my rest day for Week 5 of the TRX program and was going to go on a trail run but felt I was neglecting my Colnago Ace road bike. It was a 55 degree cloudy day with 20 mile per hour winds coming from the north in the far western suburbs of Chicago. I didn’t know where I want to go or how far, I just wanted to ride.

I did a loop around where I live and ended up riding south on the Fox River Trail. The picture above is at the Fabyan Forest Perserve in Batavia, Illinois. The Fabyan Windmill in the background is a 68-foot, 5-story structure originally built by Louis Blackhaus, a German craftsman, between 1850 and 1860. I ended my ride going through Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and riding along the buffalo that live on the property.