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Rest Day: Light Cardio

8 Dec


I’m on Day 5 of the Spartan Race, 30 Burpees for 30 Days Challenge. I’ve noticed that burpees are getting a lot easier and my form is improving. My burpee sequence is becoming fluid without a pause in movement. I can do a lot more burpees in a set than 5 days ago. This week’s goal is to do more than 15 in a set.

Today’s Rest Day Workout:
500 Jump Ropes
20 Double Unders
30 Burpees


Jump and Swing

15 Aug


After my morning fasted workouts, I’m down to 172.4 lb. Within reach of my 170 lb weight goal before August 31. I started with yoga practice and tried to challenge myself by doing a headstand. To my surprise, I was able to pick up my feet off the ground but would lose my balance when I tried to straighten my legs up. I’ve never been able to do that without using a wall for support.

Then I headed into Pure Savagery HQ and knocked out today’s 20 minute workout.

Jump rope/Burpees5 sets, rest as needed
100 jump ropes + 10 burpees = 1 set

50 Kettlebells Swings – Left arm
50 Kettlebells Swings – right arm

Back To The Swing Of Things

7 Aug


Hey Savages, it’s been awhile. Started a new job that’s physically demanding with late hours that has my schedule all messed up. The best part is that I get to ride my bike on a 15.5 mile round trip to and from work so it’s not like I’m completely slacking off.

With my new job and change of diet, I’m down to 176.6 pounds. My goal is to get to 170 before the end of August.

Today I busted out the jump rope and 2 – 12kg kettlebells. I was able to do 5 rounds. See how many rounds you can do in 15 minutes. Rest as needed and make sure to warm up.

1 round = 100 jump ropes + 10 double kettlebell snatches