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TRX Force: Week 10 – Day 2

26 Jun

ImageToday I woke up to find myself four pounds lighter than the start of the week and it’s only hump day! What’s the secret. Well it’s very simple! Eat less, move more. Since you’re eating less, make those meals count. Get your protein, good low-carbs and plenty of water mixed in with your exercise. Plus add some low impact activity like walking your dog in the evening and you’re on your way to looking like you belong on TV with your own show.


TRX Force: Week 5 – Day 3 – Move More Eat Less

24 May


I jumped on the scale this morning to find out that I’m 5 pounds lighter than I was earlier this week on Sunday with still an extra day to the week. I finally broke the 180lb barrier and dipped under to 179.4lb. As I reflect on the past week to keep doing what’s obviously working it’s “Move More Eat Less!” But you just can’t eat anything, it has to be clean. On Tuesday I went grocery shopping to buy halibut and grass feed top sirloin along with veggies and fruits. I fired up the grill and cooked enough for 2.5 days worth of meals. I also made a green smoothie with kale, spirulina, goji berries, chia seeds, blueberry powder, banana, strawberries with filter water that I drink twice a day as a snack and for breakfast. Feeling good heading into the weekend. I need 5 more pounds to hit my birthday goal of 174 lb.