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Catch Me If You Can

18 Jul


Day 12 – Asylum Hybrid – Off-Day Stretch

Opted to run a 5 mile trail run today instead. It felt good to revisit an old favorite trail route 10+ pounds lighter. It almost felt like I wasn’t running but just watching. My body was ok with an uptempo pace at times. All credit goes to Asylum and blasting Megadeth’s Rust In Peace in the headphones for running 5 miles under 44 minutes.

Suffer in the gym, reap the rewards on the field.


Run, Jump, Lift Off

11 Jul


Day 5 – Asylum Hybrid – Off-Day Stretch

I opted to go on a 3.30 mile trail run and rode my bike to the forest preserve. I felt a little heavy which I think it’s attributed to the week 1 hybrid workouts but still managed to finish my run under the usual time. May have to increase my carb intake with veggies to keep my energy levels up.

Also, I bought a new DVD, Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. It’s the definitive guide to pull-up bar calisthenics. I need to set some time on the side to just practice pull-ups. This more than finishing the first half of the hybrid is important to me. Pulling your own weight is the ultimate feat of strength. I could only do 4 pull-ups in a row but I did 10 pull-ups with rest in a minute on the Vol. 1 Fit Test.

Sometimes I workout in the morning, sometimes in the evening, but no matter what, I find the time to do the workout or else I feel really bad. My pet peeve is starting and not finishing something, even a bad movie. So I started the Hybrid and it’s go time. 160 pounds, here I come.

Asylum 2 – Day 26 – Off-Day Stretch and 5K Run

17 May


Woke up and did Off-Day Stretch. The sun finally popped out and also ran a 5k in the park. I have Championship tomorrow which is the last scheduled workout of the program then I’m finished. I don’t think is harder than Game Day so I got it in the bag. I’m happy to report that I have surpassed my weight loss goal and I officially have until Monday to keep dropping pounds which is Day 28, the last day of Asylum 2.

I’m on  Day 6 of my 7 day juice cleansing and almost gave in to popcorn, candy and a Slurpee when I went to watch that cheesy Godzilla movie. I sat there watching it while my stomach turned and grumbled probably more to the bad movie than to being hungry. I did my stretching and ran a 5K in a fasted state and I’m down 9.6 pounds since last Monday. What I lost in less than a week would take me a month to shed.  

Asylum 2 – Day 19 – Off-Day Stretch and Ab Shreddah!!!

10 May


Started out the day bike riding 4.25 miles round trip to the local forest preserve to get some trail running in my Vibram FiveFinger Shoes. Ran 3.25 miles in a good hilly course. All the steady inclines and declines helped me achieve a HIIT workout. Slow uphill, fast downhill. Good day to be out in nature on a beautiful sunny day.

I got home and into Ab Shredder for my second time this week. I did a little bit better this time around and didn’t seem as bad but definitely not easy. Then finished the session with Off-Day Stretch disc. I’m 5 pounds from my goal with a little over a week left. I know it’s pushing it but I may have to double up more workouts AND maintain a caloric deficit for the upcoming week.

Asylum 2 – Day 12 – Off-Day Stretch

3 May


I replaced Off-Day Stretch workout with a regular yoga class to mix it up. I was able to build up a good sweat so I may do this from now on. An extra day of not hearing how Shaun T is crazy can be a good thing.

The weight that I have lost while doing Asylum has help me bind some of the asanas. I was even surprised that I was able to straighten out both my legs while using the wall to assisted my inversion during Pincha Mayurasana even if for only several breaths. I startled myself that I had to come back down and I believe I would have held the posture longer. For a split second, I felt it come easy and effortless.

Small victories are always welcome.

Asylum 2 – Day 5 – Off-Day Stretch and The Gita

26 Apr


Started out the day cycling to The Human Race 5k event. I ended up riding 28 miles round trip. I rode, ran and rode back. I did surprisingly well at the race, beating all my previous practice runs times last week with a sprint to the finish line with about a half mile to go.

I was amazed how Asylum helped during my run. I was able to sprint uphill and pick up my speed. If you train for a specific sport and supplement your training with Asylum, you will be ahead of the pack. While running I kept thinking, “Nobody trains harder than you do.” When the going got tough, I just got tougher.

All workouts are easy, it’s up to you to make them hard.

So I was glad to see Off-Day Stretch today on the schedule which is Asylum 1’s version of Relief. The workout was OK but I’d much prefer a regular yoga class.

I started reading The Bhagavad-Gita this weekend as I’m trying to catch up with the yoga philosophy class at the local ashram and stopped at verse 2.22:

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly, the living entity or the individual soul acquires other new bodies after casting away the old bodies.

If the soul is eternal, why does it keep taking residence in a physical body?