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Grease the Groove

19 Jul


Day 13 – Asylum Hybrid – Speed & Agility and Ab Shredder

I started with Ab Shredder first to warm up my body. Amazed at how much I sweat with only working my core. I’m sure yesterday’s 5 mile run had something with me feeling drained today. Noticed lactic acid build up in my legs and did some quad stretches to alleviate the discomfort. I usually look forward to Speed & Agility but today I just couldn’t take off like I wanted to. I got gassed a couple of times during the bear crawls.

I had a short 4 mile bike ride that I wanted to stretch to 20 miles but I had too much to do in too little time. I started getting restless and knew I had to get off the bike.

My silver lining today was that I was able to knock out 5 pull-ups in a row. Getting stronger by the day. Everyday I try to do some form of exercise that will help me get stronger on the bar. From Australian Pull-Ups, reverse pull-ups, presses and push-ups, got to grease the groove.


Workout Week Half Way Done

10 Jul



Day 4 – Asylum Hybrid – Speed and Agility

This is my favorite workout from all of Asylum. Mostly because it focuses on my weakness, my core. I like the in&out progressions, mountain climbers and bear crawls along with the pushup and plank agility. Looking forward to tomorrow’s stretch but I’ve been itching to go on a trail run.  Hard part of the workout week is done. More time to focus on diet and mobility.


Day 29 – Speed & Agility

13 Apr


Started out the day by riding my bike 10 miles round trip to the local Ashram to practice yoga and meditation. Stayed a bit longer and sat in with a group studying the Bhagavad Gita. I took a little break when I got home before jumping into Speed & Agility. And just like that the final workout, the fit test, stands in my way of completing Insanity: The Asylum 1.

Day 23 – Speed & Agility

8 Apr


I put my order for Asylum Volume 2 last night. I’m thinking about taking half a week for recovery before committing to Volume 2 which should arrive by next week when I wrap up Volume 1. I kind of did it without thinking so that my mind doesn’t realize what I just done and fill itself with doubt and fear.

I’ve noticed improvements in my agility planks and taking less rest during the in & out progressions which means my core is getting stronger. After working on bear crawls and getting into single legged hops, my legs are jello.

I’m always impressed on Shaun T’s speed and execution during the jump roping warmup all the while giving clear instructions. Some people can’t walk and chew gum.