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No Rest For The Wicked!

10 Oct


Today was suppose to be my off day but since I’ve been doing these short workouts, I’ve decided I can go on without rest. After my warmup, I tested myself and did the TRX 40/40 challenge. I’m up to 35 TRX Atomic Pushup and 35 TRX Low Rows. I’m almost at my 40 rep goal.

I moved on to a kettlebell sequence I thought up in the morning as I was laying in bed deciding if I was going to workout or not.

LadderStart at 5 reps to 1 rep. Left arm then switch sides
Overhead Squats

At the end, do 10 one handed swings on each side.

This is a good sequence to do to work your core standing up.


TRX 40/40 Challenge – Day 3

2 Oct


Late workout but got it in. Was able to increase my reps on both movements. My goal for tomorrow is to reach 30 TRX Atomic Pushups. After the challenge I did a kettlebell workout from Keith Weber’s Extreme 2 Kettlebell DvD called The Flow. I was able to perform the workout using a 35 pound bell except for the overhead squats. I did a drop set using a 26 pound bell. I was a bit surprise when I did the overhead squats as I’ve noticed my form is improving and I’m able to squat down a little bit lower than the last time I’ve attempted this movement.

TRX Atomic Pushup: 26TRX Low Row: 31

TRX 40/40 Challenge – Day 2

1 Oct


Today was my rest day but decided to do some light stretching to relieve some of the tightness from yesterday’s 5K. I also did my second TRX 40/40 test this week. Today I did better than yesterday and I’ll take that.

TRX Atomic Push-ups: 20
TRX Low Rows: 26

5K and TRX 40/40 Challenge

30 Sep


Today I ran 3.15 miles around my park at 31 minutes. Took the dogs for a walk as a recovery. It’s has been a while since I have done the TRX 40/40 Challenge so I decided that I’m going to do this workout everyday this week to see if my numbers go up. Thinking about doing this as a warm up and on my days off.

The challenge is simple, combine the TRX Atomic Push-up and the TRX Low Row to measure the maximum number of reps of each you can execute before failure.

TRX Atomic Pushup: 40 reps is the target. If you can’t reach that goal, perform as many reps as possible.
Rest 1 min.
TRX Low Rows: 40 reps is the target. If you can’t reach that goal, perform as many reps as possible.

The goal of the TRX 40/40 Challenge is to perform 40 consecutive reps of each of these movements with perfect form. As soon as your form starts to break down, you’re done.
Today my score is 26 Low Rows/10 Atomic Pushups.