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TRX Force: Week 9 Complete

23 Jun

ImageJust wrapped up Week 9. I had a busy last week with school, a side project for a family member and a job interview. Good news is I kept up with the program. Today’s workout consisted of a lot of leg work with abducted lunges, one legged squat with one arm row, regular lunges, overhead squats and squat jumps. Whole workout took about an hour. I remember when I was doing Insanity how I would complain about the second month’s workouts being too long clocking in just under an hour. Now that I’m doing the TRX Force program, that hour goes by in a blink of an eye.

Tomorrow begins the start of Week 10 with 3 more weeks to go!


TRX Force: Week 7 – Day 3

6 Jun


I’ve been having trouble with a wireless router I was trying to set up that was blocking safe websites I’ve always visited including wordpress. That explains the lack of updates but I’m still continuing on schedule and working out. The TRX Force Tactical Conditioning Program is definitely getting harder to do now. It seem that every 2 weeks, the exercises progress – adding more reps, more time, challenging sequences. This is the week, week 7 where I can honestly say that I feel functionally strong but I say that every week.  

TRX Force: Week 6 – Day 1

27 May

ImageStarting the day/week off on the right foot and working out on a holiday. Many will take off and instead indulge on BBQ. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s within moderation. I’m going to repeat what worked for me last week and cook some healthy meals ahead of time. Looking forward to making kale chips, grilling healthy bacon burgers and chicken breast and a green smoothie as a snack.

TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program Week 1 – Done

26 Apr


I completed 4 workouts in a row to have the weekend off and recover. The workouts got tough as the week progressed. The last 2 workouts you had to repeat the workout twice. My shoulder/back area feels tired but I know it will be worth it. Going to focus extra on my diet this weekend and keep alcohol is a 2 beer per sitting minimum. Then as the program advances, cut alcohol completely to see fat lost result. I’m really feeling motivated as beach season is around the corner.

I’m reading this good book called Choosing Freedom by Leo Frincu. Leo is the current woman’s UFC Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey’s trainer. Leo begins with life in communist Romania in the 70s and 80s. The repressed form of life was his motivation to seek life elsewhere. Wrestling was his ticket out. Through wresting he was focused to get to the championship level so that he can travel and leave Romania behind. I’m about half way through it. It’s one of those inspirational books about determination and goal setting that are hard to put down. Recommended!