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Active Recovery

13 Jul


Day 7 – Asylum Hybrid – Rest Day

Woke up early and rode my bike to the ashram for yoga. Spent some time with the pull up bar and wanted to do 10 pull ups in as many sets as it takes (took me three, 3,3,4). Several dog walks plus yard work, not a bad rest day. Getting ready for my nemesis tomorrow, Upper Elite.


Forward Progress

12 Jul



Day 6 – Asylum Hybrid – Championship Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)

With tomorrow’s rest day, I’ve wrapped up the first week of the hybrid. Started the day slow and did my own yoga sequences. Mostly releasing tension in my upper back and shoulders. I fluffed up the agility ladder order of the fit test. I didn’t keep count, I just wanted to keep moving for long as I could.

I know this month is going to go by fast, next week I’m planning on some days doubling my workouts. Mostly likely going on a run in the evening after Asylum. My diet has been great. I have no junk in the house, so that helps a lot. Next week, I need to try new recipes because I can only have so many steak/chicken salads.

Pull Up Erectus

9 Jul



Day 3 – Asylum Hybrid – Strength

I knew it was inevitable and today I woke up sore and tired finding it hard to roll out of bed. I did a quick yoga session to limber out. Adding a pull up bar to the Asylum workouts adds a new spice to them. I can already tell doing pull ups is correcting my posture. Now I walk into a room like Whaattt!

Asylum 2 – Day 12 – Off-Day Stretch

3 May


I replaced Off-Day Stretch workout with a regular yoga class to mix it up. I was able to build up a good sweat so I may do this from now on. An extra day of not hearing how Shaun T is crazy can be a good thing.

The weight that I have lost while doing Asylum has help me bind some of the asanas. I was even surprised that I was able to straighten out both my legs while using the wall to assisted my inversion during Pincha Mayurasana even if for only several breaths. I startled myself that I had to come back down and I believe I would have held the posture longer. For a split second, I felt it come easy and effortless.

Small victories are always welcome.

Day 29 – Speed & Agility

13 Apr


Started out the day by riding my bike 10 miles round trip to the local Ashram to practice yoga and meditation. Stayed a bit longer and sat in with a group studying the Bhagavad Gita. I took a little break when I got home before jumping into Speed & Agility. And just like that the final workout, the fit test, stands in my way of completing Insanity: The Asylum 1.

Day 21 – Back to Core

6 Apr


Not the most exciting workout but definitely beneficial. I’ve been trying to establish correct form when I a do a forearm stand. Imagine doing a 90 degree pike with your body. You need that core and back strength in your lats to getting your body from 120 degrees to 90. Back to Core is a great workout to help me get inverted during yoga. From wide lat flys with the bands to the swimming movements, it will get your back strong and fired up. Started off the day waking up tired but went on a 10 mile bike recovery ride. Made some cashew milk to use with my protein shakes. I also drop an egg in my shake for extra protein. It seems like forever since I had pizza and candy. Then I thought about bear crawls and my urge disappeared.

Day 13 – Strength

29 Mar


What a day. Started by going to an early morning Kundalini yoga class and walking over to another studio right after to do a regular yoga class. Lots of strength asanas to test my limits. Got to try a scissor pose arm balance for the first time. Along with forearm balance and crow pose. Didn’t think I had enough to complete Strength workout from Asylum Volume 1 today but I just did it after taking a 2 hour nap. I only missed 3 reps total from all 3 dumbbell series. I’m really glad tomorrow’s Relief.