Asylum 2 – Day 6 – Championship + Fit Test (Sudden Death OT)

27 Apr


My calves were sore and my thighs filled with lactic acid from yesterday’s duathlon so I did my Sunday morning ritual of riding out to the local ashram and attending a yoga session. Felt sluggish all day and was able to pump myself up for the last workout of the week late into the night. Championship is a fun workout where you’re able to go all out. You get enough rest breaks which I used to stretch my calves.

Beach volleyball, football, and Olympic weightlifting are the new sports added with the last 3 minutes reserved for Sudden Death OT which is a fit test that includes Agility: The Audition (agility footwork drills), 4 power jumps, and 2 half burpees into an X jump equals one round. I was able to get 6.5 rounds. I blotched the order of The Audition so I can definitely get 7 next time.

I’m glad to have successfully finished my first week of Asylum 2 with a much need rest day tomorrow.


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