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Man Maker – Kettlebell Complex

22 Jul


Today I did a workout from Keith Weber’s The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout DvD called the Man Maker. I’m short on time today but I still wanted to sweat and get the blood pumping.

Man Maker
Complete 3-5 sets
10 Thursters ea. side
10 Clean and Press ea. side
10 Overhead Squats ea. side
10 Windmills ea. side
10 Snatches ea. side


5K Run in 90 Degree Heat in a Fasted State

18 Jul


I’ve been thinking about practicing the idea of intermittent fasting while exercising so I gave it a try this week. Once a week, the idea is to have your last meal after your workout in the evening, say 5pm. Then don’t eat again until 5pm the next day right after your workout. That way you give your body a rest from digestion. Also it forces your body to burn fat as energy as your low on carbs from a reduced diet. Most important is when you do eat, it has to be clean! Protein and good low carbs foods with plenty of water.

After dipping under 180 pounds this week I finally got to 179.8 pounds. I went on a 5K run in a fasted state and hopped on the scale again. Bam! down to 175.8 pounds. The lowest I’ve been in 2 years! Yesterday I did 30 minutes of kettlebell exercises so I’m going to continue doing kettlebell, running and fasting!

TRX Tactical Force 12- Week Condition Program: DONE

12 Jul


Another workout program in the books! First my second round of Insanity and now my second round of TRX Tactical Force Conditioning Program this year. I finished up the last week by working out 5 days in a row which is a first for me. I havn’t been feeling a bit tired from not having a day of rest but I can tell with the right diet, my body got use to it.

I started the TRX program on April 23rd, 2013 and finished today, July 12, 2013. I’m 5″6′ tall and I started at 183.8 pounds and finished at 180.8 pounds. I went from 21.2% body fat to 20.4% body fat. I also lost an inch around my naval.

There’s still work to be done. I want to get to 170 pounds by the end of August. I’m taking the weekend off and starting up on Monday. I’ll take the weekend to decide what workout I want to do next. Cheers!

TRX Force: Week 12 – Day 3

11 Jul


Just one more workout to go to complete the 12 week program. Tomorrow is a test day, but I’ve been replacing the test days with kettlebell workouts. I’ve done 4 workouts in a row without rest and it’s amazing how having a positive attitude can give you the energy to workout on days you’ll rather be elsewhere.

Today, I did a new TRX movement that I haven’t done before. It’s a TRX hinge (single arm) to a push up with a clock press. As you start to hinge, you can feel your core fire and tighten up. Then as you move into a push up position, your free hand touches the ground and your other hand in the strap does a 3 O’Clock press as you perform the push up. Come back up and do a reverse hinge and complete for 10 reps each arm. Here’s a video without a clock press at the end.

TRX Force: Week 12 – Day 2

10 Jul


If you’re still on the fence about adding TRX to your workout routine, here’s another video from another respectable trainer, Coach Dos, demonstrates his favorite TRX exercises. As you can see you can come up with a variety of movements to target specific compound muscle groups with just a simple piece of equipment like no other.

TRX Force: Week 12 – Day 1

9 Jul

Another day, another battle! Getting pumped as I seeing the end of the tunnel with the TRX program. Check out the video of 10 different TRX movements you can do year round to help you build your body like a machine. This one of my favorite TRX videos on the web.

TRX Force: Week 11 Complete

8 Jul



One more Week to go and I’m finally finished with the TRX program! Four more workouts to go. These last two weeks have been tough. After I complete one of the movements in the workout, it is like earning one small victory. It’s a mental challenge to get through the workouts and so easy to syke yourself out and blow it off. Worse is half assing it with lackluster form just to plow through it. I’ve made it this far and I have to keep focus and approach the workout like I would punching in at a 9 to 5. All business, nothing personal.